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Find Your Greatness

The caliber of Nike’s ads is consistently high, but I especially enjoyed this one that aired during the Olympics. The core message is pure storytelling—and storytelling that the audience can put themselves into, no less.

Further, how do we give people hope if they can’t mentally put themselves in the shoes of someone who is close to their situation, but maybe just a step or two ahead?

That said, a lot of people thought the ad mocked its subject, Nathan, a 12-year-old who is overweight. It makes me wonder: how are we supposed to have a candid conversation about overcoming obesity in our society if we don’t acknowledge the people (and especially the children) that are affected by it? Further, how do we give people hope if they can’t mentally put themselves in the shoes of someone who is close to their situation, but maybe just a step or two ahead?

Yes, Nike stands to make money if a greater number of overweight people decide to take up running or walking and need to buy athletic shoes. But would that really be a bad side-effect of inspiring people to face up to some of their own, personal adversity?

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One Week In Japan

by Mike Matas

Mike Matas, designer and co-founder of Push Pop Press compiled a week’s worth of vacation photos from his time in Japan with his girlfriend into a captivating short film, framed perfectly with music by Patrick Brooks.

F48 Hazzard

by OWL Studios

This stop-motion animation by OWL Studios for the bag maker, FREITAG is clever. I especially love the shot near the beginning of the model riding the bike. There are a few others in the series.


This video is three months old, and even the addendum at the end hasn’t quite kept up with these bills, but it’s still one of the best plain-language explanations I’ve seen on what the SOPA and PIPA acts are all about.

I know, I know, yesterday everyone on Twitter was celebrating the SOPA is dead (technically it has only been shelved and could come back up for vote at any time), but PIPA is still alive and furthermore, you owe it to yourself to understand these topics and be able to speak eloquently about them to your friends. Watch this video.

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I was a big fan of iA Writer on the iPad before it even came to the Mac. Now it’s the writing program I use the most of both devices (made even better with Dropbox/iCloud synching). This promo video they created is just brilliant.

Seriously though: I can hear some of you saying, “Word is fine for me.” Really? Why add all of that additional cruft to something that should be so, so simple. Think of iA Writer as the virtual version of the tried-and-true writing combo: a blank sheet of paper and a pen.

Address Is Approximate

by Tom Jenkins

A beautiful and amazingly-executed stop-motion story about toys that travel the world without ever leaving the office that is their home.

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Enabling Creativity


I’m not sure if I agree with the filmmaker’s implication that it’s always our clients’ needs and deadlines that prevent creativity, but overall, the exercise with the children is fascinating. Creativity needs time and space.


Break ton Neck by Alex Yde

This is different, beautiful, and mesmerizing. The performer is Arthur Cadre. I kept trying to think of a better way to say it, but I think Joshua Blankenship nailed it:

“I will never cease to be amazed at what can be achieved through genetics, practice and good, old fashioned hard work. The human body is incredible.”

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