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Tavern Vinegar Co. Packaging

by Christine Wisnieski

There is a lot of fun stuff happening in packaging design these days, but it’s not often that I see a design that manages to balance modern touches with something that feels traditional to a liquor bottle—yet it’s for artisanal vinegar. Nicely done.

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Target Chalet

at Winter X Games 15

What a dream gig. I’d love participate in a project like this someday. Too much fun. Aaron Melander did a heck of a job with it this year.

(via design work life)

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Steve Jobs Didn’t

He was human.

I’ve refrained from linking to or quoting a lot of the tributes to Steve Jobs simply because I assume we’re all consuming most of them together. But I wanted to point out this one by Horace Dediu of asymco. It perfectly captures what I admired about Steve Jobs and why his story will continue to inspire me.

It’s short, give it a read.

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X3 Offices

by Ezzo

I’m in love with this office in Timisoara, Romania. I’d love to find a building in downtown Boulder to do something similar with. They made great use of what could have been some very awkward spaces.

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