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I was a big fan of iA Writer on the iPad before it even came to the Mac. Now it’s the writing program I use the most of both devices (made even better with Dropbox/iCloud synching). This promo video they created is just brilliant.

Seriously though: I can hear some of you saying, “Word is fine for me.” Really? Why add all of that additional cruft to something that should be so, so simple. Think of iA Writer as the virtual version of the tried-and-true writing combo: a blank sheet of paper and a pen.

Is RSS dead?

Language is so important. It’s easy to forget that, unfortunately. There are certainly exceptions, but if you want your new idea to be adopted by people, make sure your language conveys the idea easily.

Frank Chimero on The Changing Book

Last night I got the chance to hear Frank Chimero give a talk for AIGA Denver. I really enjoyed learning a little more about him, his thought process, and he had some good observations on what design is and what it isn’t. However, one of the things I appreciated the most from him came during the Q&A session after the talk.

Someone (inevitably) asked him about his book, the one he’s currently writing. I forget the actual question, but it prompted Frank to make some observations on how the value of a book is changing and also on the unique opportunities using Kickstarter to fund his book provides authors like himself. I’d had some similar thoughts bouncing around in my head, but I appreciated the way he connected the dots.

Friends vs. Subscribers

I don’t know if I’ve ever explicitly stated why I run this blog, but this touches on why: I run it for myself. It’s the only way to stay interested in it. I post things because the act of posting them, making some commentary on them, etc. is good for me. It helps me remember things I value and learn new things as I construct arguments and defend them. It’s for me. If any of you out there somewhere get some benefit from it, that’s a bonus.

Doing It For The Kids

Kyle makes a good point. It’s easy to forgot how the Internet has changed our access to “normal” people. We still raise them to celebrity status—often within small niche circles—but nevertheless, I think it’s pretty fantastic that so many people who are good at and interested in the things I’m interested in and trying to be better at have a voice. That you and I can connect with them over the internet or in person is fantastic. It’s an opportunity we shouldn’t take for granted. 

An Excerpt from The Book I’m Writing

Although I remember a time or two that Blankenship has hinted either on Twitter or his blog that he’d like to write a book, this is the first confirmation I’ve seen that he’s actually writing one.

I have no idea what it’s about—though I have some guesses—but I’ve been following his blog for years and he’s certainly on my short-list of folks that I’d like to see some longer-form thinking from. Good stuff.

This Steak I Got Here

I’ve been a fan of Joshua Allen (@fireland on Twitter) for quite a while. He just launched a new project called Ten Sexy Ladies. They’re collections of short pieces of prose and at the end of each one, he gives the story/experience/subject-matter a rating from One to Ten Sexy Ladies. You want to be reading this.



Have you already taken
the greatest photograph that you will ever take?
What does it look like?

Where do you keep it?

How do you know?

As an adult
have you run
top speed
naked through a field?

More than once?

Have you been inside every
room in your house today?

How about every closet?

How long since you’ve been in every closet?

Too long I bet.

There’s plenty to be learned in those closets.
Wasted snapshots.

And you paid for them.

Get in there.

Root around.

An example of Dallas Clayton’s poetry that you can find on his blog. If you didn’t catch the first post go watch that short video.

Some really great stuff. I know he’s technically the author of a children’s book, but what’s in a label? I’m enjoying his stuff so much.

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Visit the Link

Awesome Book Tour

I ran across Dallas Clayton a couple months ago thanks to a tweet from my buddy Paul, and I’m just now getting around to posting this. Dallas seems like a pretty amazing guy, turned children’s book illustrator and author.

As the story goes, he wrote an Awesome Book for his son, started sharing it with others, and things grew from there. For every copy of the book that he sells, he gives away a copy to a child.

I’m also loving his blog posts some great poetry.

(via @paulgerhardt)