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January ends today, which I believe means that the statute of limitations on posts reflecting on the past year ends as well. I felt it would be remiss for me to not at least highlight a few things that I spent my time on last year.

2011 was a big year. As the year started, I was currently working on an as-yet unannounced, top-secret project for Threadless, alongside Good Apples.

Why I Run a Flat Company

Rotating management duties weekly? I like this idea.

It’s a Matter of Time: Massively Accelerating Design Projects

Another great post on client work from Mule Design.

(via @nzkoz)

An Excerpt from The Book I’m Writing

Although I remember a time or two that Blankenship has hinted either on Twitter or his blog that he’d like to write a book, this is the first confirmation I’ve seen that he’s actually writing one.

I have no idea what it’s about—though I have some guesses—but I’ve been following his blog for years and he’s certainly on my short-list of folks that I’d like to see some longer-form thinking from. Good stuff.

Giving Better Design Feedback

A great article. I’ve seen it linked to from several places so I wanted to pick a quote that hadn’t spread as widely.

The main point: hire a designer because you trust them to use design to help solve your business problems. Remember that that’s the framework for your interaction with your designer and move from there. Losing this perspective is what usually makes a project go badly.

Witness the birth of the SMonologue!

Sounds a little idealistic, but hell, goals that aren’t a bit idealistic are probably pretty boring and mean you weren’t trying hard enough.

The Industrial Age is Dead - Time is the New Money

I agree with my dad on this one. When we can make our world both smaller in connection (through place, use of technology, etc.), but more diverse, the potential for community growth is amazing.

Offices Are Becoming Antiques

I’m with Dan. I’m a bit baffled when a lot of companies open up offices as their first order of business. I can see where it might be nice to separate work from home, but that doesn’t mean you need the showpiece office with the full admin staff anymore. Often, especially for those of us who are solo or have small teams, the best office situation would be to share space with other businesses.

The UX Design Education Scam

Andy’s whole article is interesting. I agree with a lot of it. I’d go further and say that a lot of the problems aren’t unique to design, but apply to all of higher education in our evolving economy. You’d be silly not to hire the right person as opposed to the person with the “right” education.

Lazy Hammer

Great point. I also think it’s easy (and somewhat of a cop-out) to do meta stuff, but it’s not solving real problems. I love his idea of picking partners in other disciplines and helping solve their design problems.