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Offices Are Becoming Antiques

I’m with Dan. I’m a bit baffled when a lot of companies open up offices as their first order of business. I can see where it might be nice to separate work from home, but that doesn’t mean you need the showpiece office with the full admin staff anymore. Often, especially for those of us who are solo or have small teams, the best office situation would be to share space with other businesses.

How to Lose Time and Money

Cue the list of “busy-work”. It’s easy to avoid real work, most of us do it all day long. In a sense, I’m doing it right now, posting this to my blog. It’s not that you have to be productive 100% of the time, but to be aware of when you’re deceiving yourself—thinking you’re working when you’re really not.

Design love: Triboro Design

I’m single, both in the personal and professional sense, but this idea really resonates with me. Related tangent: I think, as a culture, we’re headed toward smaller and smaller business (in industries where it makes sense) and I wonder if we’ll see more couples who also think it makes more sense to work alongside each other.

ps – the whole Design Love series by IDSGN is interesting.

Very Short But Amazing Speech by Coca Cola CEO Bryan Dyson

Yeah, I’m posting this one for me.

(via @skaw)

Why You Should Start a Company in… Boulder

There is a unique and interesting balance in this town between hard, intense work, and a lot of relaxing, fun things to do. The always-connectedness actually makes it easier I think, not harder to find that balance because you can work from so many different locations. It’s not binary: in the office working, or out of the office, not working.

Working with Carbonmade

Making easiest way to display and manage your portfolio online even better.

I’ve been super-busy the last couple months on a lot of things in the studio: pushed a bunch of smaller projects out the door, one really big one, and continued work on some other big things that I can’t wait to share with you all.

As 2009 winds down, I’m excited for where [gb] Studio is headed. In particular, I’m looking forward to kicking off January with the fine folks at Carbonmade. For those that don’t know, Carbonmade makes it wicked-easy for designers, artists, photographers, and anyone else to put together a slick online portfolio.

The official announcement went out this morning from their end. I’ll be working on a lot of different things related to the next version of Carbonmade.

I’m looking forward to working with their team and excited to see where things go.

( ps – be sure and check out my own tricked-out Carbonmade portfolio: or get your own )

a/b Testing on Twitter

Book Cover Design

I’m currently working on a book cover design for none other than my dad, Chuck Blakeman. We’ve got a few different designs we’ve narrowed it down to, and I thought I’d have some fun by throwing a couple of them out on Twitter to get some responses.

The above aren’t all of the ideas I came up with, but representative of the 4 different directions of the design choices.

I put out a couple tweets asking for opinions and started getting responses almost immediately.

So far, what has surprised me the most is the polarization between the grey covers and the more colorful covers. It’s almost a mutually-exclusive response. If you like the grey cover in the first set, you’ll like the grey cover in the second. If you like the white cover, you’ll like the blue/yellow cover.

I’m not sure what to do with that information yet, but it’s fun to see the strong pattern in responses. What would you pick? - a startup in the open

Tools for Freelancers

My friend Andrew Hyde is pursuing a new venture in addition to all the other awesome things he does. It’s called: He’s putting together some tools for the freelance market. If you’re a freelancer or small services business, you’ll want to keep an eye out on what he’s doing.

One fun aspect of his project: he’s decided to be very open about it. He’s started a blog where you can follow along. It’s should be fun to watch.

Also on twitter as: @yeahpick

Oh, and I might have had a little something to do with the logo… hehe.

Visit the Link

It’s Easy

Excellent article by Matt. It’s easy to say, “that’ll be easy.” It’s hard to follow through.