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Expect Excellence

Now that’s a company vision.

Steve Jobs Didn’t

He was human.

I’ve refrained from linking to or quoting a lot of the tributes to Steve Jobs simply because I assume we’re all consuming most of them together. But I wanted to point out this one by Horace Dediu of asymco. It perfectly captures what I admired about Steve Jobs and why his story will continue to inspire me.

It’s short, give it a read.

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Great reminder. I’d love to hold onto this perspective daily.

ps – sigh, tumblr. I hate linking to things that are unattributed, but this one was good enough that even if it’s not really from Steve Jobs, it’s good to think about.

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How did a British polytechnic graduate become the design genius behind £200billion Apple?

Ive doesn’t speak in public much, but I would love to meet him someday.

Your time is limited…

I wish I was better at this. When I really start to think about it, I let a lot of the dogma of other people’s thinking about how I should live my life or do my job get in the way. I wonder why some people are so naturally good at pursuing their own path while others—like myself—seem to have to consciously work at it.

Apple’s Totally-But-Not-Really Botched Press Conference

This is one of my biggest frustrations with the press as a whole (in any given industry): they blow a story out of proportion—in essence to create a “better” story—and then are aghast when someone calls them on it. Usually it’s someone small that they can push off as a “nobody”, but Steve Jobs and Apple are not nobodies.

Thoughts on Flash

Steve Jobs’ whole letter is a good read, but I wanted to point this out. A lot of people have pointed fingers at Apple, calling their App Store system proprietary and closed (which it is). They’ve then used that as an argument for Flash being allowed on Apple’s Touch platforms. That’s nonsense. You may not like that Apple has created a closed system, but that doesn’t make Flash any less closed. As I asked awhile ago, has Adobe ever allowed or blessed 3rd-party authoring tools? Of course not. How is their approach different than Apple’s?

Rotten Reporting

Pretty Rough.

The article is pretty scathing, pointing the finger largely at the media in general for covering up for Jobs and Apple—often without even realizing it.

Scathing or not, Lyons may have a point. Apple is good at controlling their image—so good that they often use the press as “an extension of [their] PR operation.”

For the record, I’m still a bit ambivalent myself as to how newsworthy Jobs’ health really is. It’s notable, but I don’t know that it’s newsworthy.


I love Gruber.

That is all.