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January ends today, which I believe means that the statute of limitations on posts reflecting on the past year ends as well. I felt it would be remiss for me to not at least highlight a few things that I spent my time on last year.

2011 was a big year. As the year started, I was currently working on an as-yet unannounced, top-secret project for Threadless, alongside Good Apples.

The technical story of Muxtape

And why it was rewritten in Rails.

(via Muxtape)

The Ranting Rubyists

For a lot of reasons Ruby (and, by implication, Ruby on Rails) is polarizing. I love that people are really passionate about it—one way or the other.

But more importantly, I’m with Renae. I love what it allows me to do. I love that it has introduced me to a world where I can create solutions to problems, where I can build things that other people use in a way I never could before, for my clients, and for myself. But I don’t lose perspective about it. It’s a tool. Right now it’s one of the best I have available to me and I love using it. But there will be others.