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New Shiny!

Back when I was riding and (poorly) racing bikes, my riding buddies and I always had one or two acquaintances that were the gear-heads: willing to buy any latest hot-new-shiny that the industry had thrown at us. We knew what they didn’t. Shaving a couple grams of weight off your bike does no good if you didn’t get out and ride it every day. We all loved bike tech, but usually these guys at the extremes were outliers. Unfortunately, in the tech industry, I think the number of folks distracted by the latest shiny tech is greater than the ones focused on just getting work done.

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How do I learn to program?

I’m a designer who learned to program out of shear frustration. I didn’t have the resources to hire a programmer yet I had ideas that I wanted to execute and was tired of feeling helpless. I let the frustration motivate me, and now I can play both ends—design and development—it’s the best thing I ever did for my career.

I forgot to eat lunch yesterday.

The Duct Tape Programmer

Lesson: don’t be afraid to have someone on your team willing to get things done, even if they don’t do it “perfectly”, “right”, or "properly"—whatever the hell those words really mean, anyway.

Approaching a Minimum Viable Product

So, apparently, MVP (Minimum Viable Product) is a thing. I guess it’s good that something I already try to practice has been designated a formal technique by someone. Regardless, shipping an MVP is hard for many reasons. I even find that once I have the minimum out there, I have trouble shipping the next min piece. I want it to be perfect.

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Working on the web is a bizarre business. We create our own ecosystems. Our own worlds. We decided what is in, who is out. For a small period of time, we are our own gods. And then we let the project go into the greater world. And most people shrug. And we move on to the next big thing.