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One Week In Japan

by Mike Matas

Mike Matas, designer and co-founder of Push Pop Press compiled a week’s worth of vacation photos from his time in Japan with his girlfriend into a captivating short film, framed perfectly with music by Patrick Brooks.

Pave Culture Cycliste

This bike shop in Barcelona is more of a gallery—or, maybe it’s the Apple Store of bike shops. It’s gorgeous as an interior space and gives the bikes, helmets, shoes, and clothes artwork-like prominence.

One of the things I love most about it are the wide, open floors. I don’t think I’ve ever walked into a bike shop who’s floor wasn’t filled with bikes. The pave stones at the entrance and in the sunken lounge are also a nice touch.

Be sure to click through to their gallery with a bunch of large, detailed photos.

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The Mountain

by Terje Sorgjerd

Absolutely stunning work by Terje Sorgjerd. He’s got some great info on the Vimeo page.

Alex Stoddard, 365

Alex Stoddard, 365

I’ve seen several noteworthy 365 self-portrait series on flickr lately—one favorite is Grant Heinlein’s, but Alex Stoddard might take the cake. He tries incredibly emotional and involved concepts and you can tell he’s really stretching himself. Many of them are perfectly executed, resulting in haunting, gorgeous imagery. Oh, and he’s 17 years old.

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