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Packaging Design with a Copy Focus

I’m always a sucker for simplicity in packaging, but what really caught my eye on this was the use of copy to draw you into the product name and tell a story about it. A lot of designers seem to think that good copy is an afterthought, but you can do some amazing things when it becomes part of the overall design process.

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Lola’s Kitchen

Cupcake Box Packaging

I love the (screen?) printing type-treatment on these cupcake boxes that mimics sugar, sprinkled on cupcakes. Awesome idea.

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Monopoly Repackaging

"So, I decided to repackage it... turning the class up to 11."

This has probably made the rounds a lot over the last week or two, but I love it so much, I couldn’t resist linking to it. Andy Mangold took it upon himself to redesign the packaging for one of my favorite games, Monopoly. If someone smart at Parker Brothers would hurry up and hire him for real, and have him tackle new money, property cards, and a game board, I’d buy myself a copy. It would be amazing.

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What’s In A Name?

Tea Hugger

Names are important. Names tell stories. Names invoke a state of mind, a feeling, a moment. Maybe you thought up your own name for a product, for a company. Maybe you paid somebody to do it. Whatever the route, a good name is invaluable.

Not all names are created equal though. Sometimes you stumble onto one that so succinctly sets the stage that everything else flows from it: the logo, the brand, the visual look & feel, the customer-base.