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Tavern Vinegar Co. Packaging

by Christine Wisnieski

There is a lot of fun stuff happening in packaging design these days, but it’s not often that I see a design that manages to balance modern touches with something that feels traditional to a liquor bottle—yet it’s for artisanal vinegar. Nicely done.

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on Lovely Package

Regardless of how you feel about Starbucks, you have to admit that they made a big step forward in their new, simplified branding approach. In fact, it’s really refreshing, especially in comparison with so many other established brands doing themselves huge disservices in their rebranding missteps lately. [cough] The Gap [cough]

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Thorsteinn Beer Brand

I immediately fell in love with this concept. The designs themselves are good, but I’m more fascinated with the idea of this sparse, one-color silkscreened concept. It’s so different from anything else on the market today. The black is great for lighter beers and you could switch to a white or gold for dark beers. It makes me want to brand a beer company right now…

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Build A Bullseye!

by Invisible Creature

I learned about Invisible Creature years ago, when they were still Asterik Studios. I loved (and still love) the work they do for the music industry, but as times change, they’ve expanded their client work into other areas.

This project between Lego and Target is really cool. It’s a gift-card, with a free Lego set of Bullseye, Target’s mascot dog, backed by some beautiful illustration work by Invisible Creature.

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Flour Pot Bakery

by Sara Nicely

There is a lot of excellent work on Sara Nicely’s site, but the packaging/brand design for The Flour Pot Bakery caught my eye, in particular. I love the hand-drawn typography and informal illustrative style.

(via Kitsune Noir)

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Gauss Lamps

Packaging Design

My love affair with packaging design continues. These high-contrast Gauss Lamps designs are amazing—especially the sides that illustrate the bulb inside the package out of light particles.

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