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We get what others lobby for…

Interesting take by Mat Honan. I can’t say I disagree.

I think the main feeling I have walking away from today is shame.

Today was interesting. I don’t usually find myself caught up in the sorts of protest-type “movements” that we saw today, but this one got me. I’m still not sure how I feel about it. Whether Mat is 100% correct or not, I think the main feeling I have walking away from today is shame. Shame that it got to this point. As a country, how do we continue to put people in power who are so ready to listen to special interest groups? Is it simply because sometimes our special interests get listened to and we feel like we got a win?

The very existence of SOPA/PIPA (and the lobbying efforts that birthed them) underscore a deeper problem in our current political system. It’s deeper than money in politics, corporate lobbies, or congressmen who don’t understand the internet. I think we’re facing the result of making politics a lifelong-career of the privileged and attention-seeking. How different would Washington be if everyone knew they only had—at the most—a few years to do the work they were elected to do?

The Ninjas

It seems the ad agency world is still suffering from a forced transition into the digital age. It’s an interesting parallel to the “startup” space of the technology world. On that end of the spectrum, developers get their due respect, but designers often don’t. On the agency side, the development work is the afterthought. Many projects—and sometimes even entire campaigns—are dreamt up and signed off on by clients with very little consideration for the technology involved, or the people who will actually be building them.

The missed opportunity here is significant: with a little more balance, agencies—full of amazing talent—could be producing some of the best technological products of our time. But they’re not. The system simply isn’t set up that way and I don’t think most of them know how to adapt.

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Back to Work #11: Johnny Heuristic

A great episode of Merlin Mann & Dan Benjamin’s Back to Work this week. If you feel like your stuck trying to figure out what’s “next,” maybe give this one a listen.