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On the “Dickbar”

Neven and Marco’s related posts are worth a read too.

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On Info-graphics

I love pretty graphics just as much as the next designer, but I do think we’ve reached a level of madness in our industry. By definition, info-graphics should convey information in a way that makes it easy to understand said information.


Can your job make you happy?

The following are a couple thoughts on happiness and satisfaction in your job as a designer from Frank Chimero (@fchimero) and a brief exchange regarding those thoughts with Neven Mrgan (@nevenmrgan) that I grabbed off Twitter one day.

I don’t know either of these guys, but respect them (and their work) greatly. I also thought this exchange was excellent and worth repeating here.


As a geek we like features and power. Do not underestimate the general public’s disdain for all of our beloved “pointless preferences”.

One more before I go on radio silence

Yeah, something is getting introduced tomorrow, but whatever it is, I loved this synopsis of how/why Apple values hardware design by Mrgan. I think he’s right-on.