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My talk at TEDx Boulder

Short and sweet—or short, at least. Here is the quick talk that I did at TEDx Boulder this summer. I haven’t actually been able to bring myself to watch the video yet, but I’m told it came out alright. I hope you enjoy it!

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TEDx Boulder

Last Saturday I had the privilege to give a short talk at TEDx Boulder. It was an amazing opportunity and I wanted to leave the audience with something they would remember and a question they could walk away with and process later.

I’m a designer, and so I view life through that lens. I settled on using some of the tenants of Minimalism as an analogy for the way we might want to more actively curate and make choices in our incredibly-hectic daily lives.

(photo by Thad McDowell)

Each speaker had been given different time-slots for their talks. I had one of the short, 3-minute slots. It was a fun challenge. I decided my slides would have no words so that I could speak fast. I sketched out a bunch of little illustrations and used them as visual accents to the story of my day, as I told it.

Minimalist Connoisseurs

Successful designs often give the design elements “breathing room”. I think that minimalism in life is about giving life breathing room. I live in a really small apartment and I love it because it constantly forces me to decide what things I’m truly using and value, and what possessions I could do without.

Ryan Roberts

Minimalist Photography

Ryan Roberts

I ran across Ryan’s site yesterday. He creates excellent images of decaying, minimalist spaces. Take a run through his site. It’s gorgeous.

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Minimalism FTW

Even the most complex designs seem to have a deeper level that is inherently simplistic.
Should good designers start with a minimalistic base?

An article by European firm Rainfall Daffinson made it’s way up Digg this morning.

Minimalism: New Minimalism in Web Interface Design

Despite its orientation as a self-promotional piece, this is a great article full of resources on truly good minimalistic web design examples.

I’ll admit, I am an outright fan of minimalism. I think I naturally gravitate toward it as a designer, and, like many of us, as a consumer.

However, I love stylistically complex, rich, design as well. I had a client once remark to me that what he liked about my Studio’s design was that no matter how complex the design, there wasn’t anything extra or unnecessary. It made me think:

Is having the ability to achieve a level of minimalism in any design style part of being an excellent designer?

I would argue that it is. At least as I look around at the design (and designers) that I respect and admire, they’re all achieving minimalism in their own way. It doesn’t mean that their work is all stylistically minimalistic, but that there is a balance – they’ve added just enough and nothing more.