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New Shiny!

Back when I was riding and (poorly) racing bikes, my riding buddies and I always had one or two acquaintances that were the gear-heads: willing to buy any latest hot-new-shiny that the industry had thrown at us. We knew what they didn’t. Shaving a couple grams of weight off your bike does no good if you didn’t get out and ride it every day. We all loved bike tech, but usually these guys at the extremes were outliers. Unfortunately, in the tech industry, I think the number of folks distracted by the latest shiny tech is greater than the ones focused on just getting work done.

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Advice From Founders Who Bootstrapped Their Way to Success


Creating Controversy for its own Sake

(and How Humility is a Rare Bird Indeed These Days)

I’m sensing a common theme. Another great post for the web community at large, this one giving us some perspective on fanaticism, clamoring for controversy, and not allowing humility into the picture.

Unfounded Anger

On the whole, I agree with Tom. I think what he’s after is for us to filter ourselves, just a bit. It’s easy to react emotionally, and, because of the nature of the web, instantly. Take a moment, pause, and think if there’s a more constructive way to say what you need to say. But, when all else fails, just scream FAIL.

How do we define meaningful work?

The post where I call bullshit on your excuses.

This post is related to a quote by Malcom Gladwell. If you haven’t yet, go read it and then come back here.

Lately, I feel like I’ve had several discussions with friends who feel as if their work lacks meaning. But they don’t know where to go from there. They feel unable to discover the company or next career step that will allow them to do meaningful work. They’re not even sure what that meaningful work would be.

They’re not even sure what that meaningful work would be.

I like Gladwell’s quote, but I think for some people the general idea is a stumbling block. They’re either looking for the quick fix, where meaningful work drops in their laps, or the “high & mighty,” top-level, “save the world” meaningful work, and they can’t find it.

Meaningful Work

The quote comes from about 26:00 into the interview.

See my followup post on defining meaningful work.

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