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The Poverty Mindset

My dad really nails it from time-to-time.

Brad Feld Goes Off the Grid

Brad gave one of my favorite talks at TEDx Boulder. If you’ve got 8 minutes to spare, go watch it. I love the concept of “going off the grid” regularly (though, I’ll admit I suck at making it happen).

My dad has a different version. He takes the 5th week of a 5-week month (there are only a few each year) and uses it for anything from vacation to a personal project he’s been putting off

Very Short But Amazing Speech by Coca Cola CEO Bryan Dyson

Yeah, I’m posting this one for me.

(via @skaw)

Maker’s Schedule, Manager’s Schedule

I can’t overstate how much this article has put things into perspective for me. As someone who owns his own business, but also does most of the actual work for that business (design, writing coding, etc.), I felt the tension between the Maker/Manager schedules, but never could put it into words: I have to be both.

Every day I have to be the “manager” – have the meetings, “do” coffee/lunch, build relationships and work with clients. But, I also, every day, have to produce. I have to find blocks of several hours of uninterrupted time that I can dedicate to design, or code, or general creativity—making stuff.

I think balancing the two schedules is almost impossible, but I can now be more intentional about trying: relegating meetings to certain days of the week, or times in the day, and more actively protecting blocks of “maker” time.