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Great reminder. I’d love to hold onto this perspective daily.

ps – sigh, tumblr. I hate linking to things that are unattributed, but this one was good enough that even if it’s not really from Steve Jobs, it’s good to think about.

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What I Learned This Year #28

I’ve never met Leif, but I’ve heard his name around town and of course know and appreciate the amazing work Moxie Sozo does. He tells a gut-wrenching story from earlier in his life, the lessons he learned from it, and how it relates to new lessons he learned this year after his home burned in the Boulder Fire. Please read it.

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A life in three minutes.

Great essay.

Your time is limited…

I wish I was better at this. When I really start to think about it, I let a lot of the dogma of other people’s thinking about how I should live my life or do my job get in the way. I wonder why some people are so naturally good at pursuing their own path while others—like myself—seem to have to consciously work at it.

How To Choose Your Friends

I lose this perspective a lot, but it’s the whole point, right? To live a life pursuing good things with good community around you is to live a good life. Considering how little of life we can actually control, it’s a good general direction.

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Very Short But Amazing Speech by Coca Cola CEO Bryan Dyson

Yeah, I’m posting this one for me.

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We can certainly mitigate risk, but we can’t cultivate growth in anything (companies, governments, cultures, and ourselves) without taking risks.

The Neil Patel Story

Life’s Not Fair

My dad was good at drilling this into our heads as kids—not in a mean way, but in an inspiring way. He would point out that life is, indeed, not fair, but with a hint of a challenge: do something about it. It’s what you do with truths like these once you know them.

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