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My Week Alone on the Internet

In many ways it’s hard to remember, the but internet didn’t used to be as social as it is now. There was a time, not too long ago, where Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, etc. didn’t exist, or at least had very little traction in our daily lives.

Last week, as I found myself needing to make a final push on some work—in particular, a large update to the very blogging platform this post is published on (more on that later)—I noticed, and became increasingly annoyed with my proclivity toward CRS. What is “CRS”, you ask? It’s what I’ve dubbed Constant-Refresh-Syndrome—and I had it bad.

Letting Go

Call it whatever you want, but I’m more and more convinced that a significant aspect to enjoying a long, healthy life is perspective—so much so that these psychological factors seem to even influence our physical body and how it deals with things that will kill us, like a terminal illness.

The Acceleration of Addictiveness

Shudder. I think he’s right. My thought, though, is that the cycle of recognizing addictions and breaking them will also increase. I just worry, as Paul does that we’re relying increasingly on inflexible control mechanisms like religion and/or government to quell addictions rather than learning how to recognize them and process through them both individually and as a society.

The process of learning to stop addictive behavior is probably more important than preventing all such behavior in the first place.

Design love: Triboro Design

I’m single, both in the personal and professional sense, but this idea really resonates with me. Related tangent: I think, as a culture, we’re headed toward smaller and smaller business (in industries where it makes sense) and I wonder if we’ll see more couples who also think it makes more sense to work alongside each other.

ps – the whole Design Love series by IDSGN is interesting.

The swingset manifesto

Running (literal and emotional) from thing to thing is a sign of disorganized frenzy. If you’re constantly running from engagement to engagement, you’re not living life on your terms.

One of my own personal, related, manifestos: I don’t run for public transportation. Heck, I actually avoid learning the schedule. I don’t want to be seen as that guy running after a bus or worrying about why the train is “late”. It’s something I just can’t control and doing so adds more angst than the benefit I receive by trying to worry.

Minimalist Connoisseurs

Successful designs often give the design elements “breathing room”. I think that minimalism in life is about giving life breathing room. I live in a really small apartment and I love it because it constantly forces me to decide what things I’m truly using and value, and what possessions I could do without.

How To Choose Your Friends

I lose this perspective a lot, but it’s the whole point, right? To live a life pursuing good things with good community around you is to live a good life. Considering how little of life we can actually control, it’s a good general direction.

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The Two Driving Forces in Business

I think this is true of life too. It’s more exhausting to run from (or try not to be) something than to have energizing goals to reach for.