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A life in three minutes.

Great essay.

The Invitation

This poem is beautiful, and would make an amazing mission statement for a life lived in community with others.

Ten Things I Have Learned

I’d read Milton Glaser’s Ten Things I Have Learned a couple years ago, but it recently resurfaced in my RSS and I read it again. This quote, in particular, stood out to me this time. It’s the idea that things essentially come back to balance. Is a belief that is completely unquestioned really a belief? Is the biting cynic really as smart as he thinks he is? I know I’m guilty of swinging both ways at times.

This quote comes from the larger section Doubt. At least read that section, if not the whole thing.

Having big goals and stating them proudly

There is so much truth to this statement. The more people who know that I am working toward a specific thing, the more likely it’ll be that I’m successful. Conversely, I catch myself not sharing goals with others when I should because I’m afraid to do the necessary work to attain them, or afraid I won’t succeed.

Lincoln’s Great Depression

I cannot say enough good about this article. It’s an absolutely fascinating look into the mind of Abraham Lincoln and the unique ways that his very personal struggle with depression both tormented him and yet drove him to do things that most would shy away from.

Regret Minimization Framework

I love this.

Why I Stopped Working With Busy People

It’s a good reminder that we often use the word “busy” to describe the feeling of being overwhelmed rather than an actual state of our current workflow or capacity. Interestingly though, busyness-as-a-feeling is something that can make us feel self-important, and so it’s hard to let go of even if the workload winds down.

Your time is limited…

I wish I was better at this. When I really start to think about it, I let a lot of the dogma of other people’s thinking about how I should live my life or do my job get in the way. I wonder why some people are so naturally good at pursuing their own path while others—like myself—seem to have to consciously work at it.

Timing Lessons

Some great backstory and perspective by Biz on both of his “overnight” successes: Blogger and Twitter.

Confirmation Bias

This article is a great overview of confirmation bias. I truly don’t think you can eliminate bias. But the worst thing you can do for yourself is to not be aware of the potential biases that affect your own viewpoints and those of the people you consume information and opinions from.

I’m constantly surprised at how many people seem to be unaware that they’re affected by biases: Everyone else is the problem; no, no, not them. They’re un-biased.

Bullshit. Thinking that is ignorant.

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