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TEDx Boulder 2011

Be there

Last year I had the privilege of getting to stand up and say a few words on Minimalism in front of the first-ever TEDx Boulder crowd. It was a lot of fun, but this year I’m looking forward to be able to attend without the pressure of speaking. I like speaking and take these opportunites very seriously, so it wasn’t until after my talk—about halfway through the event that I got to really pay attention to the other speakers’ presentations.

The speaker list is great this year. I’m particularly interested in hearing what Kimbal Musk and Ann Cooper have to say about how and what we eat. And I’m of course looking forward to my friend Jake Nickell’s talk, Never Stop Making. It should be a great evening.

If you live in the Denver/Boulder area and didn’t have plans for Saturday night, you do now. Even if you did, you should probably change them and join us. I’ll see you there.

ps – you might want to grab a ticket; they’re going fast.

(image courtesy of my friends at Good Apples who did last year’s and now this year’s identity and branding)

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Introducing Threadless Causes

Life, work, everything has been busy on my end. So much so that I can’t remember the last time I talked about something I’m actively working on here on this blog. Part of the issue is my limited free time, and part of it is the wonderful fact that I’m getting to work on some really amazing things, but we can’t spill the beans on it until they’re ready.

In this case, Alex Bogusky of CP+B fame let the cat out of the bag for us. He hosts an internet TV show under his new venture, FearLess and Jake from Threadless went on the show and talked about their new thing, Threadless Causes.

I’ve been working on the Causes site with Jake, several other fine folks at Threadless and the good guys over at Good Apples for a couple months now and we’re excited to show it off and watch people use it.

To see a short demo with some great background info, check out Jake’s episode of FearLess TV. Alex also wrote an excellent post about it.

Also, visit the splash page we whipped up and drop in your email address to know when things go live.

Advice From Founders Who Bootstrapped Their Way to Success


Some spec work thoughts

I agree. There are definitely some projects in that grey, “is it spec work?” area where it really comes down to a personal gut check: why am I doing this project?