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Target Chalet

at Winter X Games 15

What a dream gig. I’d love participate in a project like this someday. Too much fun. Aaron Melander did a heck of a job with it this year.

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Enabling Creativity


I’m not sure if I agree with the filmmaker’s implication that it’s always our clients’ needs and deadlines that prevent creativity, but overall, the exercise with the children is fascinating. Creativity needs time and space.


Break ton Neck by Alex Yde

This is different, beautiful, and mesmerizing. The performer is Arthur Cadre. I kept trying to think of a better way to say it, but I think Joshua Blankenship nailed it:

“I will never cease to be amazed at what can be achieved through genetics, practice and good, old fashioned hard work. The human body is incredible.”

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Steve Jobs Didn’t

He was human.

I’ve refrained from linking to or quoting a lot of the tributes to Steve Jobs simply because I assume we’re all consuming most of them together. But I wanted to point out this one by Horace Dediu of asymco. It perfectly captures what I admired about Steve Jobs and why his story will continue to inspire me.

It’s short, give it a read.

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Zara Picken

I’ve been meaning to post a link to Zara Galpin’s site for quite some time. The Bristol, England based illustrator has a gorgeous body of work and an impressive client list to match. She describes her style as, “retro-tinted with textured blocks of colour,” which fits—I’d add whimsical character development and beautiful patterns to the list.

Take a few moments and peruse her site.

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Pave Culture Cycliste

This bike shop in Barcelona is more of a gallery—or, maybe it’s the Apple Store of bike shops. It’s gorgeous as an interior space and gives the bikes, helmets, shoes, and clothes artwork-like prominence.

One of the things I love most about it are the wide, open floors. I don’t think I’ve ever walked into a bike shop who’s floor wasn’t filled with bikes. The pave stones at the entrance and in the sunken lounge are also a nice touch.

Be sure to click through to their gallery with a bunch of large, detailed photos.

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Doing It For The Kids

Kyle makes a good point. It’s easy to forgot how the Internet has changed our access to “normal” people. We still raise them to celebrity status—often within small niche circles—but nevertheless, I think it’s pretty fantastic that so many people who are good at and interested in the things I’m interested in and trying to be better at have a voice. That you and I can connect with them over the internet or in person is fantastic. It’s an opportunity we shouldn’t take for granted. 

Alex Stoddard, 365

Alex Stoddard, 365

I’ve seen several noteworthy 365 self-portrait series on flickr lately—one favorite is Grant Heinlein’s, but Alex Stoddard might take the cake. He tries incredibly emotional and involved concepts and you can tell he’s really stretching himself. Many of them are perfectly executed, resulting in haunting, gorgeous imagery. Oh, and he’s 17 years old.

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