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Zara Picken

I’ve been meaning to post a link to Zara Galpin’s site for quite some time. The Bristol, England based illustrator has a gorgeous body of work and an impressive client list to match. She describes her style as, “retro-tinted with textured blocks of colour,” which fits—I’d add whimsical character development and beautiful patterns to the list.

Take a few moments and peruse her site.

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Will Bryant

Will Bryant is one of those names that seems to keep popping up everywhere for me. He’s with the venerable Public School in Austin, working on everything from design to illustration and even painting the occasional mural for the likes of Nike, Gowalla, K2 and others.

Update: Not sure how I missed this, but he has an Etsy Shop with things that you will want to throw money at.

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Lisa Congdon

Art + Illustration

I’ve had Lisa’s site sitting open on my computer for awhile. It always makes me happy. She has a gorgeous illustration style and has worked on projects for an impressive client list.

You might also know her from her A Collection a Day project, where she took a photo of a collection of related objects each day for a year. The project started on a blog, but it’s now a book that comes out this month.

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by w+k

I just ran across this excellent fundraising poster by the fine folks—specifically Max Erdenberger—at Weiden+Kennedy. Absolutely beautiful execution. All proceeds go toward the cause (though, they don’t mention which charity specifically). They’re asking for a $25 donation, minimum.

(via Matthew Allard)

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Awesome Book Tour

I ran across Dallas Clayton a couple months ago thanks to a tweet from my buddy Paul, and I’m just now getting around to posting this. Dallas seems like a pretty amazing guy, turned children’s book illustrator and author.

As the story goes, he wrote an Awesome Book for his son, started sharing it with others, and things grew from there. For every copy of the book that he sells, he gives away a copy to a child.

I’m also loving his blog posts some great poetry.

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Build A Bullseye!

by Invisible Creature

I learned about Invisible Creature years ago, when they were still Asterik Studios. I loved (and still love) the work they do for the music industry, but as times change, they’ve expanded their client work into other areas.

This project between Lego and Target is really cool. It’s a gift-card, with a free Lego set of Bullseye, Target’s mascot dog, backed by some beautiful illustration work by Invisible Creature.

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Bryant Ross

I used to do a lot more identity design work for the physical space (as opposed to online) and while I love the web applications and software work that I’m currently getting to do, I miss creating these physical presences a lot.

Bryant Ross has an excellent portfolio. He’s done a lot of work in creating the identity, collateral, and signage for restaurants and hotels, including The Corner Office, one of my favorite downtown Denver drink spots. It was hard to pick a favorite from his portfolio.

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