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Space Shuttle’s Final Liftoff

The space shuttle is no more. I hope that my country will again send man into space within my lifetime, but I’m a bit doubtful.

Aaron Draplin made the amazing logo you see above. I want it as a big print. It’s gorgeous, and it encapsulates everything I love about the last 30 years of NASA design. I also just realized that the shuttle and I share the same birth year. Fun coincidence. Good stuff.

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on Lovely Package

Regardless of how you feel about Starbucks, you have to admit that they made a big step forward in their new, simplified branding approach. In fact, it’s really refreshing, especially in comparison with so many other established brands doing themselves huge disservices in their rebranding missteps lately. [cough] The Gap [cough]

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Bryant Ross

I used to do a lot more identity design work for the physical space (as opposed to online) and while I love the web applications and software work that I’m currently getting to do, I miss creating these physical presences a lot.

Bryant Ross has an excellent portfolio. He’s done a lot of work in creating the identity, collateral, and signage for restaurants and hotels, including The Corner Office, one of my favorite downtown Denver drink spots. It was hard to pick a favorite from his portfolio.

(via design work life)

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Alan van Roemburg

I think I ran across Alan’s work because he followed me on Twitter. His stuff is beautiful – especially his marks and icon illustrations. I also love his simple, grid-tastic site.

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Stefan Kanchev

Trade marks and symbols

A site honoring the work of Bulgarian designer, Stefan Kanchev, one of the most prolific mark designers of modern graphic design. He did all of these marks by hand. Many of them are simply genius.

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Swisscom Re-brand

by Moving Brands

The bulk of an entire big brand re-branding effort condensed into just a couple minutes. The work was done by London agency, Moving Brands. You can get some more info on the effort on the Swisscom site.