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We gave you the Internet…

…and no, there’s no time machine.

Nat Torkington, in response to the president’s request of ideas and help from the tech community to stop and prevent piracy.

I don’t like piracy. I wouldn’t want my work stolen and I certainly don’t like seeing the work of friends stolen. But what the president is asking for doesn’t exist. I think future generations will look back on the invention of the Internet and—if it’s mentioned at all—see a footnote about how it made it hard for some industries to continue operating under their pre-Internet status quo. That is, unless we screw this up. Then the footnote will talk about the Internet Dark Ages where we allowed government and lobbyists to try to turn back the clock. I bet there was proposed legislation that required cars to artificially restrained to the speed of a horse too.

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Jack Dorsey on Foundation

with Kevin Rose

I think Jack Dorsey is my new hero. I knew he was a founder of both Twitter and Square, but really didn’t know anything else about him. He’s super-sharp and has some great thoughts on startups, observing opportunities, and timing your ideas. I’d love to see a full hour or more with him.

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Building the Trunk, First

It’s so easy to get caught up in the “build it yesterday” mentality of the internet. Spencer offers some great advice to startups from his own experience with Carbonmade. I did some work with them last year and got to know the founders a bit. I’d say they’re here to stay and it’ll be fun to see what the company looks like 5 years from now.

Advice From Founders Who Bootstrapped Their Way to Success



The factory loses its appeal.

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The marketer’s attitude

Seth Godin on what he looks for when hiring someone as a marketer.

The post is worth a read and I think what he’s looking for is exactly what makes a great marketer (or the perfect person for a lot of other positions, for that matter).

Here’s the rub: it’s hard to find someone who really fits the bill he’s describing AND is willing to work for someone else. In many ways he’s describing the renaissance-marketer-man. Someone that smart, someone that magical has generally already figured out that they’ll get further in life marketing their own big ideas.

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Too Big To Fail

On this new idea that we can’t allow for failure in our industries because, well, it hurts

When did this happen? It really became clear a couple months ago as the financial crisis came to the forefront and the government started tossing around billions of dollars, pushing it into institutions that were deemed too big to fail, but I don’t think that was really the beginning.

Creative Boom

The real source of all growth is human creativity and entrepreneurship

I think there is some real truth to this idea. Particularly right now. Look at almost every media industry that is struggling in some way (music, movies, television). They’re not really struggling because people don’t want any of those things. They’re struggling because a healthy dose of creativity/ingenuity/technology has upturned their established business models.