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The Poverty Mindset

My dad really nails it from time-to-time.

Introducing: Businessing

Sometimes you’ve got to either go big, or go bigger.

Today, Happy Magic Fun Time, the blog of internet pundit and celebrity developer Kenny Meyers turned 1 year old (I think that’s something like 100 in internet years). Kenny approached me awhile ago and asked me to help him with a new book he was writing, announced today in celebration of his blog’s birthday.

I’m really happy with how things turned out. The new book is called, Businessing and you can download and read a sample chapter of it right now. It’s the last business book you’ll ever need to buy. If you have never bought one, it’s the first and last.

“If you’re not familiar with programming… [all] you need to know is that you need to use Rails, and then you are very Agile.”

I did the book design and marketing site design for the project, while Kenny handled all the code magic. That said, as a Rails douche guy, I’m particularly fond of essay #6, Be agile. Pure brilliance.

So, help us a spread the word, check out the sample chapter, but most of all, be sure to:
Get Businessing.

Why I hate Investors

(emphasis: mine)

When was the last time you looked at your business plan?

I’ve never liked formal business plans. Even back when I was a marketing weenie drinking the business school kool-aid, they made me uncomfortable.

Sure, the spreadsheets were fun and the projections of bazillions of dollars of imaginary wealth flowing into the imaginary company I hadn’t even created yet were self-gratifying. But they’re not reality.

I no longer have a business plan, per-se. But I’m working on my business and its future almost every day, constantly adjusting—changing course—with short and long-term goals in mind. And I’m getting somewhere.