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Is the Internet God?

Dave Pell makes an argument that is at once beautiful and scary. The more we know, collectively, as an increasingly-world society, the more we’re responsible for the things we choose to be passive about. It’s both exciting and daunting.

Walkman to Facebook: How Tuning Out Led to Tuning In

I love this quote, in particular, but the whole thing is worth a read. It’s an interesting perspective and commentary on the idea that we’re becoming more connected even as we physically isolate ourselves with our phones.

What Happens in Facebook…

Great essay by Pell. It’s true of our entire online persona, not just Facebook. It reminds me of bumper stickers. I have no bumper stickers on my car. It’s not that I have no opinions, it’s just that, ultimately, I make snap judgements about every driver I see on the road based off of their bumper stickers. Snap judgements are a barrier to truly getting to know someone and an online profile is essentially a big pile of bumper stickers—lacking depth and context and human presence.

Are We Really Dumb Zucks?

Yeah, so I’m not on Facebook—but choosing the right level of internet privacy for your life isn’t about Facebook, it’s about remembering that what you put on the internet (even behind a pay- or password-wall) may not always stay private.

My Bank Thinks My Blog Sucks

We often make fun of the slow, “dinosaur” companies that are fumbling around, trying to figure out what they make of this whole “internet thing.” But, what happens when our generation—a generation raised on the internet—is in control of the world’s institutions? Will we be benevolent with the information we have access to? We collectively seem to think so now, but I think this question will come up again… and again…

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