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Doping Dreams

How to Get Doping Out of Sports

A heartfelt take on doping in sports from a former professional cyclist and admitted doper.

For whatever reason, cycling was (still is) the only professional sport I’ve cared to follow. It’s the only sport I’ve ever participated in, actually felt like I belonged, and even had a brief modicum of success in. I never aspired to be a professional and never was faced with the choice between doping or dropping my dream. But I’ve had other dreams in my life that I’ve pursued with similar stubbornness and, while I’d like to think I’d make the hard choice and walk away clean, I worry that I wouldn’t have.

I love this sport, and I hate the argument that doping is just a part of it—something to be accepted—because it makes me think of the few times in my life that I’ve felt pressed into holding secrets or living lies, and I don’t want young athletes in the sport to be faced with that choice for something they love.

New Shiny!

Back when I was riding and (poorly) racing bikes, my riding buddies and I always had one or two acquaintances that were the gear-heads: willing to buy any latest hot-new-shiny that the industry had thrown at us. We knew what they didn’t. Shaving a couple grams of weight off your bike does no good if you didn’t get out and ride it every day. We all loved bike tech, but usually these guys at the extremes were outliers. Unfortunately, in the tech industry, I think the number of folks distracted by the latest shiny tech is greater than the ones focused on just getting work done.

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Carving the Mountains

by Juan Rayos

“A spring afternoon in the Madrid Mountains” with the Longboard Girls Crew by Juan Rayos.

Gorgeous scenery and roads. I’d love to give these a try on my road bike. Some of the most fun I’ve had cycling was on a brief trip to southern Spain.

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3-Way Street

Ron Gabriel put together a video highlighting interactions between cyclists, pedestrians, and motorists at just one of NYC’s over 12k intersections. The results are pretty much what you would expect, but it’s interesting to watch, nonetheless.

He has some more information about the video and project on his blog.

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Pave Culture Cycliste

This bike shop in Barcelona is more of a gallery—or, maybe it’s the Apple Store of bike shops. It’s gorgeous as an interior space and gives the bikes, helmets, shoes, and clothes artwork-like prominence.

One of the things I love most about it are the wide, open floors. I don’t think I’ve ever walked into a bike shop who’s floor wasn’t filled with bikes. The pave stones at the entrance and in the sunken lounge are also a nice touch.

Be sure to click through to their gallery with a bunch of large, detailed photos.

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Urban mountain biking is a thing and this video is unreal. It’s shot in Chile (not sure what city).

Just when you think a jump is awesome, it gets topped by the next one. I love the random dog toward the beginning, and the final jump/exit to finish the time trial course is unbelievable. So much fun. I had to watch it twice.

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A New Movie

Absolutely gorgeous trailer. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a cycling film of this caliber. You can pre-order it as a way to help fund the production.

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