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Driving Innovation

There’s so much brokenness in our existing patent system. I’ve never understood why anyone would think we can fix it.


“I’m just the Creative”

The heritage of the word “Creative” (with a capital ‘C’) is in advertising and I’ve certainly seen peers use it as a scapegoat: “I don’t know if that strategy will work, I’m just the Creative”—too bad. I think there’s a lot of opportunity in helping people understand that it’s your creativity that will help solve the entire problem, not just make things look pretty.

People who call themselves “Creatives” have already relegated themselves to the sidelines.

Enabling Creativity


I’m not sure if I agree with the filmmaker’s implication that it’s always our clients’ needs and deadlines that prevent creativity, but overall, the exercise with the children is fascinating. Creativity needs time and space.

Zara Picken

I’ve been meaning to post a link to Zara Galpin’s site for quite some time. The Bristol, England based illustrator has a gorgeous body of work and an impressive client list to match. She describes her style as, “retro-tinted with textured blocks of colour,” which fits—I’d add whimsical character development and beautiful patterns to the list.

Take a few moments and peruse her site.

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The Creators Project Meets Curt Morgan

of Brain Farm

Anyone who knows me well knows that I’m a sucker for good photography/cinematography. This mini-documentary on Curt Morgan and his use of some new camera technology makes me giddy. Yeah, right now you need a helicopter or big-ass truck to use it, but it’ll trickle down and be awesome for the rest of us eventually too.

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hello mopho

cell phone photography

hello mopho

Just over a year ago I started a little photo project that I then called, Daily Interestingness. Well, at this point it’s not always daily, but still going strong.

I’ve moved it to its own site (instead of a flickr set) under the title: hello mopho.

Some of my recent favorites are above.

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The Great Democratizer

In theory, the Internet is the great democratizer. I can publish or create art as a relative nobody and share it with the world. But in practice, this is an ideal. The internet is not the great democratizer in a final sense, it just provides more opportunities for exposure in the art and creative and intellectual spaces than we’ve ever had before.

The idea that all good work, all good art, all good thoughts always rise to the top is idealistic.

The idea that all good work, all good art, all good thoughts always rise to the top is idealistic. It’s a good ideal, but when this idea is presented as fact, it’s naive. We are limited by time, culture, attention spans, and yes, even still influenced by celebrity/popularity.

So what? Other than my displeasure when ideals get presented as absolutes, I posted this as a reminder to you (and to myself) to do something very simple: support the things you love. Those artists, content producers, projects, non-profits, that you enjoy would love to have their stuff introduced to one new person that’s never been exposed to it before today.

Lola’s Kitchen

Cupcake Box Packaging

I love the (screen?) printing type-treatment on these cupcake boxes that mimics sugar, sprinkled on cupcakes. Awesome idea.

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