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The Poverty Mindset

My dad really nails it from time-to-time.

The Industrial Age is Dead - Time is the New Money

I agree with my dad on this one. When we can make our world both smaller in connection (through place, use of technology, etc.), but more diverse, the potential for community growth is amazing.

The Two Driving Forces in Business

I think this is true of life too. It’s more exhausting to run from (or try not to be) something than to have energizing goals to reach for.


My dad is currently in Africa (Kenya, specifically) working with small business leaders. You can follow along on his blog, but I got this little snippet from an email he sent our family.

The line about them smiling, that’s what got me.

Why Product Focused Owners End Up On The Treadmill

I’ll admit it, I’m primarily product-focused in the way I do business. My dad (yes, it’s his article), actually created a profile assessment to help figure out where you fit in (hit me up in the comments if you want to give it a try).

I feel like I do a pretty good job thinking about the future of my business and laying the groundwork for it. That said, it’s still really easy to get lost in getting the finest details of a current project “just right,” to the detriment of other tasks. It’s a blessing and a curse.

This is turning into one big promo for my dad (hey, gotta pimp the family once-in-a-while), but the linked article is also the primary focus of his new book.

a/b Testing on Twitter

Book Cover Design

I’m currently working on a book cover design for none other than my dad, Chuck Blakeman. We’ve got a few different designs we’ve narrowed it down to, and I thought I’d have some fun by throwing a couple of them out on Twitter to get some responses.

The above aren’t all of the ideas I came up with, but representative of the 4 different directions of the design choices.

I put out a couple tweets asking for opinions and started getting responses almost immediately.

So far, what has surprised me the most is the polarization between the grey covers and the more colorful covers. It’s almost a mutually-exclusive response. If you like the grey cover in the first set, you’ll like the grey cover in the second. If you like the white cover, you’ll like the blue/yellow cover.

I’m not sure what to do with that information yet, but it’s fun to see the strong pattern in responses. What would you pick?

Conation – Maybe the Most Important Business Word You’ve Never Heard

We think and feel a lot about doing, but we simply don’t do enough.

(disclosure: yeah, that’s my dad.)

Your problem is you’re really focused on making money. No business can survive that.

The Tyranny of the Urgent vs. The Priority of the Important.

Disclaimer: this is a quote from my dad. But it’s a good quote and a wise article for any business-owner.