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Sales: The Fail Team

It initially sounded callous to a people-pleaser like myself, but I’ve eventually come around to the idea that my primary job is to say no. Not ‘no’ as-in, “why did you bother asking?” but ‘no’ in a way that says, "let’s talk about your project and see if it’s the best fit for both of us. Only in that scenario will really good work get produced.

Why I Stopped Working With Busy People

It’s a good reminder that we often use the word “busy” to describe the feeling of being overwhelmed rather than an actual state of our current workflow or capacity. Interestingly though, busyness-as-a-feeling is something that can make us feel self-important, and so it’s hard to let go of even if the workload winds down.


Yeah, I’m guilty of losing this distinction.

(via The Weekly Review)