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Apple is professional, the web is amateur

David offers an interesting explanation for why Apple—to this point—hasn’t been that successful in the realm of web services and particularly the social web. I tend to agree with a lot of it. The very culture of the company seems to go against the grain in the haphazard world of web services.

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Jack White’s Third Man Records tells the world: Your Music City is not dead

Fascinating article on the new-old music empire Jack White has built for himself. I’m more an more convinced that the days of the CD were more of an anomaly than a norm.

Succeed on Your Own Terms

I think more companies don’t hire self-managing people (or create a framework that allows their employees to self-manage) because it means they have to be more thorough on their upfront hiring. It’s much easier to hire a manager and make it his/her problem.

Football and the Concussion Crisis

A fascinating article on the growing medical awareness of football’s potential damage to the brain. What really caught me though, were the early depictions of the state of the game. Eighteen people dead—so far—in a season? Can you imagine if that were to happen in the NFL today?

Why I Run a Flat Company

Rotating management duties weekly? I like this idea.

The American Wireless Galapagos Syndrome: How the industry set itself up for a rout

He’s talking about the US wireless market, but he might as well be talking about our wired broadband internet market. We’ve backed ourselves into a corner in both industries, and while I’m usually a fan of free market forces, there’s a role for government here. In fact, we’re in the situation we are in because of government intervation and regulation that has simply been short-sighted and not focused on the long-term utility and public good that these services provide.

How to Make Money in 6 Easy Steps

I feel like I see this disconnect more in technology than anywhere else. My mom does not care that the new iPad is dual-core. She may not even care that it’s faster.

From Arcade Fire’s Manager

Read that last part twice. Arcade Fire owns their masters, not a label. And they’re one of the most successful acts in the world. Welcome to the future.

Good Software Takes Ten Years. Get Used To it.

Joel’s article, referenced by DHH in the article from the last post is a good expansion on the idea of taking your time to build a business with software as its core product.

The obsession with next

Please take a moment and read the entirety of this short piece. Some may think David is being black & white. I don’t think so; there are always exceptions to the rules. But I think what he’s saying is that we’re too often chasing the exceptions. And companies, projects, software, and customers can suffer for it.