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What I Learned This Year #28

I’ve never met Leif, but I’ve heard his name around town and of course know and appreciate the amazing work Moxie Sozo does. He tells a gut-wrenching story from earlier in his life, the lessons he learned from it, and how it relates to new lessons he learned this year after his home burned in the Boulder Fire. Please read it.

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Walkman to Facebook: How Tuning Out Led to Tuning In

I love this quote, in particular, but the whole thing is worth a read. It’s an interesting perspective and commentary on the idea that we’re becoming more connected even as we physically isolate ourselves with our phones.

The Invitation

This poem is beautiful, and would make an amazing mission statement for a life lived in community with others.

The Design Tantrum

On the whole, I agree. Brands and visual designs are meant to evolve. Evolution isn’t perfect. We may have hated the new Gap logo, as a design community, but we’ll never know what next thing might have come out of it. It might have evolved into something extraordinary. But we effectively killed it and framed our entire industry as a bunch of whiny brats in the process.

There’s nothing wrong with critiquing or poking fun—and there is definitely such a thing as bad design, but that doesn’t mean we have to throw tantrums in order to bring attention to it.

JPG is back!

The crowd-sourced photo mag will return.

On the whole, I think JPG is a good idea and a fun opportunity for fledgling photographers. It’ll be nice to see it go another round.

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Networking Socially

My crazy little overview of this web thing for those trying to learn.

I got the chance yesterday to give a little presentation to a weekly group that my dad runs for business owners in south Denver. It was fun, I met a lot of great people and got to share a few thoughts on social networking and other web tidbits for the uninitiated.

Click through for the slides and some other stuff.

Digital Barack

This game has indeed changed.

“Any politician who fails to recognize that we are in a post-party era with a new political ecology in which connecting like minds and forming a movement is much easier will not be around for long …”

Regardless of what happens with the Obama administration, I’m excited to see how he uses his built-in base and how other politicians begin to try the same things. Obama may be a Democrat, but he essentially proved that it might now be possible for an independent to build a political movement that matters.

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