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Find Your Greatness

The caliber of Nike’s ads is consistently high, but I especially enjoyed this one that aired during the Olympics. The core message is pure storytelling—and storytelling that the audience can put themselves into, no less.

Further, how do we give people hope if they can’t mentally put themselves in the shoes of someone who is close to their situation, but maybe just a step or two ahead?

That said, a lot of people thought the ad mocked its subject, Nathan, a 12-year-old who is overweight. It makes me wonder: how are we supposed to have a candid conversation about overcoming obesity in our society if we don’t acknowledge the people (and especially the children) that are affected by it? Further, how do we give people hope if they can’t mentally put themselves in the shoes of someone who is close to their situation, but maybe just a step or two ahead?

Yes, Nike stands to make money if a greater number of overweight people decide to take up running or walking and need to buy athletic shoes. But would that really be a bad side-effect of inspiring people to face up to some of their own, personal adversity?

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Full Circle

Different Garden, Same Wall

A TV from the 1990's says: Visit us online at AOL keyword douchecompany. A TV from the 2000's says: Visit us online at A TV from the 2010's says: Visit us online at

If the last couple decades of the internet have taught us anything about marketing and brand positioning online it’s this:

  1. It’s always easier to market to a walled garden.
  2. Most people are content to stay within those comfortable walls.

We’ve come full circle and I think we’re selling ourselves short.


on Lovely Package

Regardless of how you feel about Starbucks, you have to admit that they made a big step forward in their new, simplified branding approach. In fact, it’s really refreshing, especially in comparison with so many other established brands doing themselves huge disservices in their rebranding missteps lately. [cough] The Gap [cough]

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Thorsteinn Beer Brand

I immediately fell in love with this concept. The designs themselves are good, but I’m more fascinated with the idea of this sparse, one-color silkscreened concept. It’s so different from anything else on the market today. The black is great for lighter beers and you could switch to a white or gold for dark beers. It makes me want to brand a beer company right now…

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Bryant Ross

I used to do a lot more identity design work for the physical space (as opposed to online) and while I love the web applications and software work that I’m currently getting to do, I miss creating these physical presences a lot.

Bryant Ross has an excellent portfolio. He’s done a lot of work in creating the identity, collateral, and signage for restaurants and hotels, including The Corner Office, one of my favorite downtown Denver drink spots. It was hard to pick a favorite from his portfolio.

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Flour Pot Bakery

by Sara Nicely

There is a lot of excellent work on Sara Nicely’s site, but the packaging/brand design for The Flour Pot Bakery caught my eye, in particular. I love the hand-drawn typography and informal illustrative style.

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Swisscom Re-brand

by Moving Brands

The bulk of an entire big brand re-branding effort condensed into just a couple minutes. The work was done by London agency, Moving Brands. You can get some more info on the effort on the Swisscom site.

Branding Lilly’s Table – Part 1

The Logo

Last week I launched a splash page announcing the Lilly’s Table project. I’ve been working on it for some time, and part of the plan is to give you all (my 2 or 3 faithful readers) some insight into the process of designing and building a web application from the ground up.

This is one of my favorite types of projects: I’ve been involved with Lilly in everything…

This is one of my favorite types of projects: I’ve been involved with Lilly in everything from the business development side, to the product design, and of course, the actual site design & development. One of the initial design pieces I worked on was the visual brand for the project. In this first post discussing the branding process, I’ll show a bit of the work we went through to arrive at the final logo for Lilly’s Table.

The Man Who Walked Around the World

The History of Johnnie Walker

Basically an extended commercial for spirits brand, Johnnie Walker, this short film, directed by Jamie Rafn and narrated by actor Robert Carlyle is so well executed, I couldn’t resist posting it. I would absolutely love to see a “Behind the Scenes” or “Making Of”. I keep watching it over and over trying to see how much is straight-forward filmmaking and how much is special effects trickery. Regardless, it seems to be shot in one single take. It’s beautiful.

SyFy Idents

Or, as I like to say, "Siff-eee"

Sorry folks, I still fundamentally don’t understand the reasoning behind the change from “SciFi” to "SyFy"—they lost a single letter, gained some symmetry, but entered mispronunciation hell.

Seriously, look at that word: SyFy. What do you hear? In my head I can only pronounce it as “Siff-eee”, like syphilis. So, hey, if that’s what they were going for, great. Otherwise, I feel like this falls under the category of changing shit because you’re bored, not because it really needs to be changed. Heck, if they’re trying to get away from the Science part of “SciFi”, they would’ve been better off just dropping the “C”: SiFi. That would’ve worked for me.

Also, is that Disney’s magic kingdom popping out that RV?

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