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What I Learned This Year #28

I’ve never met Leif, but I’ve heard his name around town and of course know and appreciate the amazing work Moxie Sozo does. He tells a gut-wrenching story from earlier in his life, the lessons he learned from it, and how it relates to new lessons he learned this year after his home burned in the Boulder Fire. Please read it.

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False Dawn & Fire Miles

by Drew Levin

False Dawn & Fire Miles

Yesterday was a weird day in Boulder. So many of our friends that live in the foothills directly west of town have been asked to leave their homes. I met several people in the course of the day who were pretty sure there was nothing left of theirs.

I woke up several times during the night as my apartment filled with smoke—and I’m in town, 2-3 miles from the flames. Today promises to be just as interesting as the firemen try to get ahold of everything. Hopefully the winds will cooperate.

It’s hard to put in perspective. We live at the foot of the mountains. We know this kind of thing can happen—that we really can’t control nature, like we tell ourselves we can. But the chances of it happening in your area are so slim.

The Photos

My buddy Drew Levin pinged me on Twitter with these late last night, early morning. They’re gorgeous and haunting.

Drew says it best:

“Marvels can come in many forms—It’s a shame that such a beautiful thing as this fire can also destroy so many homes and burn a swathe through all those lives. One man, interviewed by the local paper, said that the canoe he built with his dad when he was sixteen was in the house he narrowly escaped this morning.

Maybe the point of a marvel is to help us value our own lives more – to go back and build or preserve or create on that same level of grandeur.

Here’s my effort for tonight.

Four Mile Canyon fire, shot from Flagstaff. Composition and processing inspired in part by antimethod."

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