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TEDx Boulder 2011

Be there

Last year I had the privilege of getting to stand up and say a few words on Minimalism in front of the first-ever TEDx Boulder crowd. It was a lot of fun, but this year I’m looking forward to be able to attend without the pressure of speaking. I like speaking and take these opportunites very seriously, so it wasn’t until after my talk—about halfway through the event that I got to really pay attention to the other speakers’ presentations.

The speaker list is great this year. I’m particularly interested in hearing what Kimbal Musk and Ann Cooper have to say about how and what we eat. And I’m of course looking forward to my friend Jake Nickell’s talk, Never Stop Making. It should be a great evening.

If you live in the Denver/Boulder area and didn’t have plans for Saturday night, you do now. Even if you did, you should probably change them and join us. I’ll see you there.

ps – you might want to grab a ticket; they’re going fast.

(image courtesy of my friends at Good Apples who did last year’s and now this year’s identity and branding)

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What I Learned This Year #28

I’ve never met Leif, but I’ve heard his name around town and of course know and appreciate the amazing work Moxie Sozo does. He tells a gut-wrenching story from earlier in his life, the lessons he learned from it, and how it relates to new lessons he learned this year after his home burned in the Boulder Fire. Please read it.

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My talk at TEDx Boulder

Short and sweet—or short, at least. Here is the quick talk that I did at TEDx Boulder this summer. I haven’t actually been able to bring myself to watch the video yet, but I’m told it came out alright. I hope you enjoy it!

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False Dawn & Fire Miles

by Drew Levin

False Dawn & Fire Miles

Yesterday was a weird day in Boulder. So many of our friends that live in the foothills directly west of town have been asked to leave their homes. I met several people in the course of the day who were pretty sure there was nothing left of theirs.

I woke up several times during the night as my apartment filled with smoke—and I’m in town, 2-3 miles from the flames. Today promises to be just as interesting as the firemen try to get ahold of everything. Hopefully the winds will cooperate.

It’s hard to put in perspective. We live at the foot of the mountains. We know this kind of thing can happen—that we really can’t control nature, like we tell ourselves we can. But the chances of it happening in your area are so slim.

The Photos

My buddy Drew Levin pinged me on Twitter with these late last night, early morning. They’re gorgeous and haunting.

Drew says it best:

“Marvels can come in many forms—It’s a shame that such a beautiful thing as this fire can also destroy so many homes and burn a swathe through all those lives. One man, interviewed by the local paper, said that the canoe he built with his dad when he was sixteen was in the house he narrowly escaped this morning.

Maybe the point of a marvel is to help us value our own lives more – to go back and build or preserve or create on that same level of grandeur.

Here’s my effort for tonight.

Four Mile Canyon fire, shot from Flagstaff. Composition and processing inspired in part by antimethod."

Be sure and click through to his flickr to leave comments on them.

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TEDx Boulder

Last Saturday I had the privilege to give a short talk at TEDx Boulder. It was an amazing opportunity and I wanted to leave the audience with something they would remember and a question they could walk away with and process later.

I’m a designer, and so I view life through that lens. I settled on using some of the tenants of Minimalism as an analogy for the way we might want to more actively curate and make choices in our incredibly-hectic daily lives.

(photo by Thad McDowell)

Each speaker had been given different time-slots for their talks. I had one of the short, 3-minute slots. It was a fun challenge. I decided my slides would have no words so that I could speak fast. I sketched out a bunch of little illustrations and used them as visual accents to the story of my day, as I told it.


by Ryan Behner


My friend Ryan took this last week. This is why we live here. This is why I feel so lucky to have found this place.

The spot the photo was taken is off of CO-93, just south of the town of Boulder. Eldorado Canyon (a state park, known for its rock climbing) is on the very left of the photo, Bear Peak (one of my favorite in-town hikes is the tallest visible peak, and the town itself starts just of the ridge, out of sight, on the right side of the photograph.

See more of Ryan’s photos on his photo blog or click the photo to head over to his flickr.

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Bolder Boulder 2007


In honor of today. The Bolder Boulder tends to mark the beginning of summer here in town. It’s one of the largest running races in the country and the sea of people through downtown is an impressive sight.

I took this photo a couple years ago when I was still making time for my camera.

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Why You Should Start a Company in… Boulder

There is a unique and interesting balance in this town between hard, intense work, and a lot of relaxing, fun things to do. The always-connectedness actually makes it easier I think, not harder to find that balance because you can work from so many different locations. It’s not binary: in the office working, or out of the office, not working.

turn right for jamestown

turn right for jamestown

Thanks to some snow the last couple days, we’re actually experiencing a white Christmas here in Colorado. I didn’t take this photo today, but it felt appropriate.

The photo itself is from the curving road up Lefthand Canyon, just north of Boulder, on the way to Ward (if you stay left) or Jamestown (if you veer right). Back when I used to be heavily into cycling it was a staple of many mountain ride routes.

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