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We’re training young designers to get noticed, rather than to excel at their craft

So very true. I’d counter this, though, with the unfortunate observation that, as an industry, we reward this behavior.

Dribbble, while one of my favorite sites on the Internet, is most-often a popularity contest that is getting a lot of designers who make very pretty (but very untested) things a lot of attention. No problem, except for the confusing message it sends to these young designers.

Design blogs like The Dieline (and perhaps, even this very blog) are beautiful, but a lot of the work tends to be student work, that has never met mettle or gone through the ringer of a client that’s not entirely sold on the design.

…you’re young and inexperienced; now do things to get attention.

I’m not trying to pass judgement on these types of online establishments, I just think that we’re communicating a double-message to young designers: you’re young and inexperienced; now do things to get attention. Because of this, we’re cultivating a crop of designers who play this game really, really well, but may be completely lost or out-of-sorts when it comes to actual client work.

I Miss Spending Time With The Album

It’s a interesting look in how our growing access to music has influenced our listening habits, but we’re also individually responsible for how we partake in that. I listen to a larger variety of music than I used to, but when I hit on a new, amazing album, I still spend time with it. I’m starting to think my approach is unique.

Bonus: “I love music, but I don’t know if I love how disposable it’s all come.”

Adz And It Shall Be Given Unto You

Interesting observation. Attention spans have shrunk, just when physical media restraints have gone away, technically allowing us to do anything.