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In Amsterdam


I’ve been in Amsterdam for the last couple weeks, working, and exploring a new city. This is one of my favorite photos, so far.

I came out in time for Asymconf and I’m hanging around through this week to drop in on The Next Web. Overall it has been a great trip. I really love this city (it’s my first time here), and while my work schedule is full, leaving little room for tourist activities, I’m enjoying the change of scenery.

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X3 Offices

by Ezzo

I’m in love with this office in Timisoara, Romania. I’d love to find a building in downtown Boulder to do something similar with. They made great use of what could have been some very awkward spaces.

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Ruins of Detroit

Beautiful Destruction

Ruins of Detroit

I can’t get over some of these images. It’s like they walked straight out of an apocalyptic movie set. I hope something is being done to preserve some of these buildings for better days.

That said, as one commenter on Yewknee’s blog (where I found this collection) noted, the politics surrounding these types of photo series are rather contentious. These photos don’t represent all of Detroit. And, sometimes, a single blighted building might exist in an otherwise thriving neighborhood. It’s all about how you frame it.

Oh, and do yourself a favor and skip the comments section if you click through to the Denver Post blog to see the rest of the photos.


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Pave Culture Cycliste

This bike shop in Barcelona is more of a gallery—or, maybe it’s the Apple Store of bike shops. It’s gorgeous as an interior space and gives the bikes, helmets, shoes, and clothes artwork-like prominence.

One of the things I love most about it are the wide, open floors. I don’t think I’ve ever walked into a bike shop who’s floor wasn’t filled with bikes. The pave stones at the entrance and in the sunken lounge are also a nice touch.

Be sure to click through to their gallery with a bunch of large, detailed photos.

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How does Venice work?

Venice Backstage

I’ve never been to Venice, but like many people, I’d love to someday. This mini-documentary is just under 20 minutes, shares a bit about how the city came to be in the first place, and looks into the constant maintenance and upkeep that is necessary simply to keep its system of canals, bridges, and walkways working—as well as keeping the buildings standing. It’s an impressive undertaking.

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Travel Norway. The Architectural Way.

Travel Norway. The Architectural Way.

I’m just going to come right out and say it: I had no idea Norway had this kind of gorgeous scenery. It just jumped up to the top of my travel wish-list.

This photo series (be sure to click through, there are many more) is focusing on a specific project by the Norwegian government. The idea was to pick several different scenic locations (currently 18) and combine “bold architecture” with “magnificent natural scenery.” They enlisted the help of some of the country’s best designers and architects for the project and the results are stunning. More info here.

Huge hat-tip to my buddy Matt Gist for turning me on to this one.

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GT House

by Guilherme Torres

I’ve been following posts over at The Contemporist long enough to know that architect Guilherme Torres is doing some fantastic work. In general, if his name is attached to it, I like the project.

The pictures above (and the full post) are of his own personal residence: a small studio in Londrina, Brazil.

I’m in love with it. Seriously, I could move in tomorrow, as-is. What a fantastic space. As with most modern spaces that I’m drawn to, I love the mixture of hard—like the concrete and exposed wiring—with the softer touches like the blond brick and wood ceilings.

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