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John Sculley On Steve Jobs, The Full Interview Transcript

And, following on the heels of the last post… The differences between Apple and Microsoft have been studied to death, but only because they’re so damn applicable to any organization we come into contact with. I’m a designer, I know I’m biased. But I’m also a developer, and a business person. Design thinking should lead in an organization. And, you don’t even need someone with the title of ‘designer’ to have a company culture that values design thinking. 

The Potential of MobileMe

Like Shawn, I’ve thought—and talked—at length with other friends & colleagues about both the shortcomings and possibilities behind the MobileMe service. It’s a weird Apple product. All at once it seems so necessary, yet has always felt like such a misfit in their portfolio as it is presented today. But, they’re smart folks and I think they’re working toward a lot of the ideas that Shawn notes in his article.

My First Week with the iPhone

Bonus: “Amazingly, it even renders stock charts, something the blind have never had access to. Sold.”

Not your average iPhone review. It’s worth a read to get a blind person’s perspective on both the iPhone, and some of the things that would make other electronic devices and software easier for the blind to use.

Why so urgent?

I’m rarely one to want to tinker with an established user-interface. As a designer I think it’s actually part of my job to experience an OS or piece of software in the way that most users will experience it rather than immediately customizing or modifying it. However, this is a change I’d love to see. I’d almost be willing to jailbreak my iPhone to make it happen.

The Leaning Tower of Ping: How iTunes Could Be Apple’s Undoing

Interesting article on the growing cruftiness of iTunes. Two thoughts:

1) I wonder, is the PC (of the Windows variety) the crutch holding iTunes back? So much of iTunes’ functionality could be gracefully integrated into either OS X or some sort of cloud/web functionality BUT there are a hell of a lot of Windows users with iPhones/iPods/iPads who rely on iTunes and Apple can’t build functionality into Windows.

2) I think Apple is OK with this for now. In the future, if they can build a cloud-ish offering that is no longer reliant on a PC (Mac or Windows), then iTunes no longer matters. My money is on this happening.

The Magic Trackpad is Just a Better Mouse

The article is about the new Magic Trackpad, but the quote references design for touchscreen devices. Dave Caolo at 52 Tiger referenced it in an article on the difference between introducing new users to a touch interface versus a point-click interface. Both are excellent reads.

Apple’s Totally-But-Not-Really Botched Press Conference

This is one of my biggest frustrations with the press as a whole (in any given industry): they blow a story out of proportion—in essence to create a “better” story—and then are aghast when someone calls them on it. Usually it’s someone small that they can push off as a “nobody”, but Steve Jobs and Apple are not nobodies.

High Ground Maneuver

You may not like the core message of Apple’s press conference, but you can’t deny that Jobs changed the conversation. It’s not solely about the iPhone 4 anymore, but about signal attenuation and tradeoffs in the designs of all smartphones.

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