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Expect Excellence

Now that’s a company vision.


I’ve been slowly watching this change over the last few years. As a designer, creative, product guy, etc., I think there’s a huge opportunity in this shift. Not everyone has the right priorities yet (or ever will), but for those of us that do, let’s keep our heads down and keep making good shit.

If there was ever a time for design to wield its influence in many, many different industries and capacities, it’s now.

Steve Jobs Didn’t

He was human.

I’ve refrained from linking to or quoting a lot of the tributes to Steve Jobs simply because I assume we’re all consuming most of them together. But I wanted to point out this one by Horace Dediu of asymco. It perfectly captures what I admired about Steve Jobs and why his story will continue to inspire me.

It’s short, give it a read.

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Why is there no iPhone 5?

Great analysis (as always) by Horace Dediu. He answers the question that a lot of people have asked: is Apple leaving sales on the table because some people hoped the iPhone 5 would be released yesterday instead of the upgraded iPhone 4. He’s basically arguing that, considering the available target markets, Apple would not actually be able to sell many (if any) additional iPhone 5s in comparison what they would have sold regardless of which device was on the market.

Additionally, I’m a bit amazing at how many people claim to be “disappointed” in a significantly upgraded device who’s exterior still surpasses everything else in the market. Are we that vain? Probably.

Apple is professional, the web is amateur

David offers an interesting explanation for why Apple—to this point—hasn’t been that successful in the realm of web services and particularly the social web. I tend to agree with a lot of it. The very culture of the company seems to go against the grain in the haphazard world of web services.

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How did a British polytechnic graduate become the design genius behind £200billion Apple?

Ive doesn’t speak in public much, but I would love to meet him someday.

Apple and the Open Web

John Gruber at Web 2.0 Expo NY 2010

This 10 minute video is an instant classic, in my opinion. John Gruber of Daring Fireball make a pretty good case for Apple as a proponent of an open web.

What’s missing?

Context & Mis-Direction

We got my mom an iPad for Christmas. The amazing thing is that she’s using it and loving it. That is amazing because she has previously not felt comfortable with computers. She has had a MacBook for years and I think it has left her desk twice, yet her iPad often goes along with her.

Introducing someone who doesn’t live in the tech world to a new technology paradigm can be a lot of fun. And it can also open your eyes to things you night never have noticed or thought about before. Take this screenshot:

What’s missing?

It’s time for Apple to look at owning factories again

On the heels of my last post about the need for integration between designer and producer, Horace Dediu makes a strong argument that it’s time for Apple to consider getting back into manufacturing their own products. His arguments isn’t based on any sort of design philosophy—it’s much more pragmatically business-focused than that—but can you imagine a better consumer electronics company to integrate themselves end-to-end?