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Sales: The Fail Team

It initially sounded callous to a people-pleaser like myself, but I’ve eventually come around to the idea that my primary job is to say no. Not ‘no’ as-in, “why did you bother asking?” but ‘no’ in a way that says, "let’s talk about your project and see if it’s the best fit for both of us. Only in that scenario will really good work get produced.

The UX Design Education Scam

Andy’s whole article is interesting. I agree with a lot of it. I’d go further and say that a lot of the problems aren’t unique to design, but apply to all of higher education in our evolving economy. You’d be silly not to hire the right person as opposed to the person with the “right” education.


We can certainly mitigate risk, but we can’t cultivate growth in anything (companies, governments, cultures, and ourselves) without taking risks.

Where the Buck Stops

Brilliant. I have nothing to add. Please read this (especially if you have designers in your employ).

The Trouble With RFPs

Andy nails it (yet again). If you’re used to using RFPs in other areas of your business, he puts forth some good reasons to not do so when contracting for professional work.

BONUS: “Treat any professional as a commodity and you will have effectively destroyed any chance for success.”

Dog and Pony Show Design

I am guilty of playing the concept numbers game at times in the past. It never ends well and generally doesn’t help the client as much as they were hoping. I’d rather create solutions rather than options or whims.

Human Frailty and Design Professionalism

Some good and practical points in Andy’s article. It’s not always easy to set the right boundaries and get clients on board to you way of working, but it’s good to be aware of that goal.