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Doping Dreams

How to Get Doping Out of Sports

A heartfelt take on doping in sports from a former professional cyclist and admitted doper.

For whatever reason, cycling was (still is) the only professional sport I’ve cared to follow. It’s the only sport I’ve ever participated in, actually felt like I belonged, and even had a brief modicum of success in. I never aspired to be a professional and never was faced with the choice between doping or dropping my dream. But I’ve had other dreams in my life that I’ve pursued with similar stubbornness and, while I’d like to think I’d make the hard choice and walk away clean, I worry that I wouldn’t have.

I love this sport, and I hate the argument that doping is just a part of it—something to be accepted—because it makes me think of the few times in my life that I’ve felt pressed into holding secrets or living lies, and I don’t want young athletes in the sport to be faced with that choice for something they love.

Mayor Bloomberg On Immigration

I don’t agree with Bloomberg on everything, but I do agree that ignoring legitimate immigration reform is, essentially national suicide. For all of our faults, we’re still a country that many people across the world would like to move to and contribute to. That’s a good thing for all of us. Let’s not mess this up.

Before I Die

What is important to you?

Candy Chang took it upon herself to transform and abandoned home in her New Orleans neighborhood into an interactive wall with a simple statement: “Before I die I want to _____”

Over time, neighborhood residents began to fill it in with their hopes and dreams.

New property owners will have to tear it down soon, but Chang has said the project will resurface again, somewhere else in the city.

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Bonus: Don’t worry if someone else is already working on your idea. I’m certain they are, but they are decidedly not you and it’s the you that makes your idea unique.

The new post-college prestige job is retail

Interesting post. I think she’s right about a values shift, or at least a cultural shift, toward lives that look very different from what our parents wanted (or want for us).