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Find Your Greatness

The caliber of Nike’s ads is consistently high, but I especially enjoyed this one that aired during the Olympics. The core message is pure storytelling—and storytelling that the audience can put themselves into, no less.

Further, how do we give people hope if they can’t mentally put themselves in the shoes of someone who is close to their situation, but maybe just a step or two ahead?

That said, a lot of people thought the ad mocked its subject, Nathan, a 12-year-old who is overweight. It makes me wonder: how are we supposed to have a candid conversation about overcoming obesity in our society if we don’t acknowledge the people (and especially the children) that are affected by it? Further, how do we give people hope if they can’t mentally put themselves in the shoes of someone who is close to their situation, but maybe just a step or two ahead?

Yes, Nike stands to make money if a greater number of overweight people decide to take up running or walking and need to buy athletic shoes. But would that really be a bad side-effect of inspiring people to face up to some of their own, personal adversity?

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“I’m just the Creative”

The heritage of the word “Creative” (with a capital ‘C’) is in advertising and I’ve certainly seen peers use it as a scapegoat: “I don’t know if that strategy will work, I’m just the Creative”—too bad. I think there’s a lot of opportunity in helping people understand that it’s your creativity that will help solve the entire problem, not just make things look pretty.

People who call themselves “Creatives” have already relegated themselves to the sidelines.

The Ninjas

It seems the ad agency world is still suffering from a forced transition into the digital age. It’s an interesting parallel to the “startup” space of the technology world. On that end of the spectrum, developers get their due respect, but designers often don’t. On the agency side, the development work is the afterthought. Many projects—and sometimes even entire campaigns—are dreamt up and signed off on by clients with very little consideration for the technology involved, or the people who will actually be building them.

The missed opportunity here is significant: with a little more balance, agencies—full of amazing talent—could be producing some of the best technological products of our time. But they’re not. The system simply isn’t set up that way and I don’t think most of them know how to adapt.

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The triumph of coal marketing

On the heels of the last post, Seth Godin has a slightly different take on the same issue of our perception of a problem not matching reality:

“Vivid is not the same as true. It’s far easier to amplify sudden and horrible outcomes than it is to talk about the slow, grinding reality of day to day strife. That’s just human nature.”

Normally, I would just quote him, but I wanted you to see the chart as well. If you have a moment, read the whole post.

He’s a marketing guy, so his angle is that marketing is to blame. I don’t want to split hairs, but I think it’s much more complex than that, and also more engrained in human nature. We’re storytellers. If you want a large group of people to either love or hate something or someone, build a good story around it. Now, repeat that story far and wide until it’s accepted as a sort of truth. Most of us don’t have time in our day to pause and try to discern between “truths” and “sort-of-truths”.

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Above Everything Else

by Alex Roman

This commercial by Alex Roman, for Silestone is CG. Yeah, as-in 100% fake, 100% created out of thin air. My mind is blown (and a bit freaked out). I think he might’ve outdone his precursor short-film, The Third & The Seventh.

You’ll want click through and watch it on Vimeo in HD if you’ve got a large screen to enjoy it with.

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VW ‘Milk Run’

“We’re all the same, but different.”

This is a gorgeous, short-film-esque ad, directed by Sam Peacocke for VW New Zealand. The concept is amazing and executed really well.

Also, wtf? Why doesn’t the US get any pickup-truck love from VW? That is one gorgeous truck!

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Field Notes Colors

I love this ad/promo video for the Field Notes Colors subscription. I also love the notebooks, but as beautiful as the Colors sets look, can’t bring myself to pay for it. I just don’t go through that many notebooks in a year…

The Man Who Walked Around the World

The History of Johnnie Walker

Basically an extended commercial for spirits brand, Johnnie Walker, this short film, directed by Jamie Rafn and narrated by actor Robert Carlyle is so well executed, I couldn’t resist posting it. I would absolutely love to see a “Behind the Scenes” or “Making Of”. I keep watching it over and over trying to see how much is straight-forward filmmaking and how much is special effects trickery. Regardless, it seems to be shot in one single take. It’s beautiful.

Promoting your product or service with banner ads - is it worth it?

A detailed report on a banner ad campaign run by Campaign Monitor

I find targeted networks like The Deck and Fusion Ads to be fascinating, but always wonder how well they work. Campaign Monitor put together one of the best articles I’ve seen in a while revealing some of the results of one of their latest banner advertising campaigns. They placed 3 different ads on targeted networks/sites and then used several different landing pages to see what they could learn about how to convert new customers.

Also, as with most types of advertising, it’s hard to answer the

was it worth it? question:

“To date we’ve only recovered around 25% of all expenses in revenue from new customers. Having said that, a large percentage of our customers continue to use our software for an extended period of time. Looking at how revenue has been growing from these customers in the last few weeks, it certainly seems that in the longer-term this exercise will be well worth it. The nature of our business model means that it will be a few more months before we’ll really know.”

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