Give me a stake in the future,

because I’m focused on the present.

People dream about the future, but their concerns are usually in the present.

Last night I attended Boulder’s annual TEDx Event. The very first speaker, Brady Robinson spoke about this phenomenon as it relates to the environmental and conversation movements. The average supporter of an organization like The Nature Conservancy is in their 60s. Part of the reason we don’t see younger people donating/supporting the conservation movement is because the movement has done such an excellent job of communicating to outdoor sports enthusiasts that they not only harmful to the environment, but in direct opposition to the efforts of these organizations.

If I’m a mountain biker in my 20s or 30s, I want to ride my bike today. If I’ve been told I can’t be a part of the solution for tomorrow because of my love for mountain biking, I’ve got no reason to support conservation efforts.

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