What’s missing?

Context & Mis-Direction

We got my mom an iPad for Christmas. The amazing thing is that she’s using it and loving it. That is amazing because she has previously not felt comfortable with computers. She has had a MacBook for years and I think it has left her desk twice, yet her iPad often goes along with her.

Introducing someone who doesn’t live in the tech world to a new technology paradigm can be a lot of fun. And it can also open your eyes to things you night never have noticed or thought about before. Take this screenshot:

What’s missing?

Regardless of your technological prowess, the main thing you generally want to do on the App Store is search. However, for some inexplicable reason the search field is hidden in the Update Apps view. It’s a cognitive roadblock. I had to remind my mom several times to tap into a different part of the store in order to display the search field. It doesn’t make sense and there’s no reason for her to cognitively deduct how to make it appear. This problem is compounded by the fact that the store app automatically moves you to the updates view when there are updates available.

It goes something like this:

  1. User opens the App Store to search for something specific
  2. User is automatically moved to the updates section because an update is available
  3. Search field disappears with no clue as to how to retrieve it
  4. $$$ Profit?

It’s an odd omission.

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