The story of the 100,000th Big Cartel Store

Editorial Design at its Best.

I’m a sucker for good editorial design. Maybe it’s my background in print design, or the fact that I think truly good editorial layout design is so rare on the web, but either way, if it’s good, it catches my eye.

In celebration of their 100,000th store, Big Cartel produced this microsite. Designer Chance Graham really outdid himself. The photography is excellent too, and I’d love to know more about how they sourced it.

It’s also worth noting the use of web fonts, specifically from Typekit. A lot of what would’ve needed to be images to achieve the same design effects can now be normal type on the page. Good typography can change the whole feel of the page. As a designer, it’s quite liberating to have more than just the standard web-safe fonts to choose from now.

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