Promoting your product or service with banner ads - is it worth it?

A detailed report on a banner ad campaign run by Campaign Monitor

I find targeted networks like The Deck and Fusion Ads to be fascinating, but always wonder how well they work. Campaign Monitor put together one of the best articles I’ve seen in a while revealing some of the results of one of their latest banner advertising campaigns. They placed 3 different ads on targeted networks/sites and then used several different landing pages to see what they could learn about how to convert new customers.

Also, as with most types of advertising, it’s hard to answer the

was it worth it? question:

“To date we’ve only recovered around 25% of all expenses in revenue from new customers. Having said that, a large percentage of our customers continue to use our software for an extended period of time. Looking at how revenue has been growing from these customers in the last few weeks, it certainly seems that in the longer-term this exercise will be well worth it. The nature of our business model means that it will be a few more months before we’ll really know.”

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