Minimalism FTW

Even the most complex designs seem to have a deeper level that is inherently simplistic.
Should good designers start with a minimalistic base?

An article by European firm Rainfall Daffinson made it’s way up Digg this morning.

Minimalism: New Minimalism in Web Interface Design

Despite its orientation as a self-promotional piece, this is a great article full of resources on truly good minimalistic web design examples.

I’ll admit, I am an outright fan of minimalism. I think I naturally gravitate toward it as a designer, and, like many of us, as a consumer.

However, I love stylistically complex, rich, design as well. I had a client once remark to me that what he liked about my Studio’s design was that no matter how complex the design, there wasn’t anything extra or unnecessary. It made me think:

Is having the ability to achieve a level of minimalism in any design style part of being an excellent designer?

I would argue that it is. At least as I look around at the design (and designers) that I respect and admire, they’re all achieving minimalism in their own way. It doesn’t mean that their work is all stylistically minimalistic, but that there is a balance – they’ve added just enough and nothing more.